Who Is Aimee Majoros?

Aimee Majoros is a fifth generation New Yorker who has worked in the PR departments of some of the world’s most iconic companies: Estee Lauder, Parfums Givenchy, Guerlain, L’Oreal Professional Haircare, Aramis, Prescriptives, La Mer, Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, Origins Natural Resources and Acqua di Parma. Aimee also has professional experience in print production, copywriting and marketing consulting.

A girly-girl from the get-go, Aimee was named for famously feminine French actress Anouk Aimee.

As a little girl Aimee never got dirty, always wore dresses, and spent a lot of her girlhood taking bubble baths. It was probably significant for her future career working with beautiful things when, as an infant, she managed to empty a full bottle of perfume into her crib.

Aimee’s nearly two decades of experience in the industry have led her to pride herself on two things—the extraordinary relationships she has maintained with some of the most important media in the world—and her ability to consistently offer a higher level of service to her clientele. You’re as likely to find Aimee at breakfast with an editor as working with clients on product development or sales issues, and just as likely to hear an editor say Aimee is “one of their favorites”.