Founded in 2003 by beauty, fashion and consumer products industry veteran Aimee Majoros, we are a boutique, brand-building public relations firm with national reach, dedicated to the promotion and growth of beautiful, special brands. We focus on luxury beauty, home décor, the gift industry, and lifestyle. We are closely connected with all the key media that lifestyle brands want to reach, and many editors consider Aimee to be one of the most respected public relations professionals in the business.

Aimee’s nearly two decades of experience and personal touch is unique in this industry, and something you won’t find in a traditional PR agency.  Clients and editors deal directly with Aimee, who is supported by a select team.  We never take on too many clients and are extremely selective about who we work with, so we only bring the very best things to our editor friends.

Our taste level, experience and relationships are what make us so effective at generating the sort of press coverage that drives proven bottom line returns!