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  • Generate press coverage and exposure for the H. Gillerman Organics brand of essential oil based remedies – the goal being to ultimately drive sales on both the retail and wholesale levels
  • Make the brand seem “new” when no new products had been launched for several years
  • Educate the media about essential oils and their properties – an area that is still confusing for even the savviest beauty and health media


  • Create pitches around fun and inventive new ways to use the H. Gillerman remedies – i.e. Tension Remedy to “wake you up” instead of your afternoon coffee break
  • Focusing on the unique skillset of brand founder Hope Gillerman, who has unparalleled experience in wellness, aromatherapy and healing, we worked on branding Hope as the ultimate expert for all things stress related
  • Ensure that as many of the key media as possible meet Hope and experience a healing session with her – even if it is only a mini session at a desk side meeting
  • Partner Hope with other wellness pros that possess authority i.e. – green makeup artist Katey Denno, green nail artist Jenna Hipp


  • The client was tapped by a major publishing house to write a book on essential oils.  They cited the phenomenal press coverage as a key reason for being interested in Hope as an author and expert.  Her book, Essential Oils Every Day will be available May 31, 2016.
  • Hope has been a long term client and may be one of the happiest clients ever.  She has not introduced a new product since 2008 but has been featured as an expert (often repeatedly) everywhere from Cosmopolitan to NewBeauty to Vogue.  She is sought after by media and buyers alike, and has grown her business substantially.  Her products are now featured at top luxury spas and stores.
  • Hollywood makeup and nail artists have fallen in love with Hope’s product via our sampling efforts.  This has resulted in celebrities themselves falling in love too – and showing their love via social media and interviews – everyone from Lea Michelle to Miley Cyrus to Nicole Richie. The most recent example of is Alannis Morrisette, who has given several interviews mentioning how much she loves H. Gillerman Organics.  Alannis is a key proponent of essential oils and wellness, and the client was thrilled to have her as a fan most of all.


About The Project

  • Date:28th April 2016
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